Welcome to the First Newsletter of the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Society!

You are receiving this because you have expressed an interest through past participation in our community surveys or other ways of letting us know of your interest.

Sherry McKibben, Robert Smith, myself and others came together in 2013 to discuss issues and concerns that older persons in our community have—programs, services, centres and housing. The result was the eventual formation, later in 2013, of a volunteer group of Edmontonians dedicated to finding ways to improve the quality of life of older members of our community. Unfortunately both Sherry and Robert have died in the interim, but Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Society (EPSGS) has become both strong and active, as you will read in this newsletter. At present we are partnering with Sage Edmonton and Garneau United Assisted Living Place (GUALP) to assist us in moving ahead with our most ambitious project to date, a major housing initiative for members of our community and our allies.

Michael Phair

So enjoy reading about EPSGS!

Michael Phair, Co-Founder and Coordinator

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