Housing Update – Spring 2022

Edmonton Pride Seniors Group is a Society!!

We wanted to update you on our progress since our last newsletter! On January 10, 2022 we became federally incorporated under the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Act as Edmonton Pride Seniors Group Society! This is very important because we need to be an incorporated society to be eligible for various housing grants from CMHC, the City of Edmonton and to apply for land etc.

Agreement with a key Partner: Garneau

Another exciting development-we are now close to completion of a MOU (Memo of Understanding) between EPSG and one of our wonderful key partners, Garneau United Assisted Living Place (GUALP. A MOU is a key partnership agreement about collaboration and how we move forward to work together. Garneau owns and operates The Ashbourne, a 110 unit seniors facility in Garneau. They became an Affirming facility in 2017 which means they support a Community where people are welcomed regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identification and faith. The Pride Flag is displayed proudly in their lobby and they now have a substantial library of gay and lesbian literature!


We are now working with the City of Edmonton to hopefully secure a Rowland Rd site. The City has a application process to provide land to not-for- profit housing groups for affordable housing. Still lots of work to be done yet-keep your fingers crossed! This is a nice location on quiet 101 Ave off of Rowland Road -it has wonderful views of Riverdale and is close to bicycle paths and to downtown amenities like buses and LRT. Here’s a link to the site if you want to see it or walk over to view it!


8 thoughts on “Housing Update – Spring 2022”

  1. The downtown land proposal is encouraging and right in the heart of the city…very exciting!

  2. Darn. If we would have stayed in Edmonton, it would have been a short move up the hill. Good on you in pursuing this property.

  3. I think it is a great idea that people can live together in harmony in a place that is safe and happy. I wish that there are more places to live that we can be who we are without people staring at you every time you enter a dining room. I am 72 male to female and feel the eyes on you every time you pass by. We seniors are getting to a place where the younger generation can be who they are.
    Alice Marie

  4. Hello Alice- thanks so much for your comments regarding our proposed safe and happy LGBTQ2s+housing!!! Yes this is exactly why we need housing for members of our community. Watch for our Spring Newsletter coming out at the end of April 2023 for the latest updates.

    PS Sorry for the very late response! I did not see it til today due to some IT issues. Blair

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