Studies and Reports

EPSG undertakes regular research and reports its activities on a regular basis!

Listed below are some of are archived work, make sure to see our newest reports as well!

Sharp Foundation 

Aging in the LBGTQ+ Community – Housing Needs Assessment. Fostering a Culture of Respect and Inclusion.

Needs Assessment

“Into the Closet” – A Needs Assessment by Keren Tang

LGBTQ Seniors – Health Housing and Social Support, An Annotated Bibliography, January 2015

“Into the Closet Again” – An Assessment of Housing Needs and Preferences among LGBTQ2S+ Seniors and Soon-to-be-Seniors in Edmonton by Ann Goldblatt and Tammy Horne February 15, 2015

Into the Closet Again LGBTQ2S Housing Survey (1)

Intergenerational Dialogue

Creating Safer LGBTQ2S+ Spaces “A long journey into light” by Ann Goldblatt November 2017

Pride Intergenerational Dialogue Report, November 2017

Creating Safer LGBTQ2S+ Spaces “Second Pride Intergenerational Dialogue May 5/18”  by Ann Goldblatt August 14, 2018

Summary Report, Second Pride Intergenerational Dialogue, August 14, 2018


Study shows that LGBTQ+ seniors worry about housing discrimination – Calgary Herald, August 30 2019

“In August, Williams and some of her friends from the Rainbow Elders, a group for LGBTQ seniors who work to provide a safe space for the Calgary community, were on the cover of the Kerby Centre’s newsletter.”