The Shared Mic

The Shared Mic: Conversations for the Ages is produced by Age Friendly Edmonton (AFE). The first season brings together people of all ages, stages, and backgrounds to discuss topics like finding love, belonging, and moving to Canada.

In the first episode, Larry Jewell and Gregory Caswell, LGBTQ2S+ change-makers from different generations, find common ground on the topic of love and relationships. While they have taken different paths to find happiness, both men note the importance of building an extended chosen family of people who support them.

Listen in here.

By creating space for intergenerational discussions, AFE hopes to build a city that values, respects, and actively supports citizens from all walks of life.

Salima Suleman, AFE intergenerational champion, and Eric Storey, AFE diversity champion, coordinated the podcasts to generate greater understanding of different viewpoints and perspectives among Edmontonians — old, young, and anywhere in between.

AFE is a World Health Organization initiative created by the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council in 2013 to support the inclusion, diversity and well-being of seniors.